Unicorns; the devil in disguise.

Finding the awesomeness in life.

Oh to be young, rich and famous…. 

this is helping me keep my cool today… 

"no cut on the coke, that’s coke zero"

my anthem for today… 

you got me smiling all the time… 

Brush til the cows come home.

That’s All Folks!

Today marks the end of a bitter sweet relationship between myself and what I currently know as the music biz.   After many ups and downs, I have finally realized that I need to search for something new.  I’m bitter and I’m jaded but most of all, I was starting to hate what I was becoming.  Following almost 10 years of finding every way possible to surround myself with any and everything music related just to be a part of something, it’s time to move on.  I’m excited for the new opportunities and challenges that are on the horizon and have no regrets. 

With that comes the end of what was once my everything; Underground Operations.  The management company known as Underground Operations Management will no longer exist and I will no longer own part of Underground Operations Records.  I started as an aspiring photographer living in Ajax and then an intern stuffing samplers in the Cameron office and through the many sleepless nights, we eventually turned UO into something way bigger and better than I could have ever even imagined.  UO (the label) will go on and I look forward to seeing it continue to grow and expand into something awesome. 

I plan to continue to work with some new artists out of enjoyment in hopes that they can help me find my passion once again.  I also will continue to hit the road starting with a Jann Arden tour in February/March.  (West coast pals stay tuned.)

To everyone that ever supported myself and UO, thank you!  Whether you were a recent supporter or someone from “back in the day”, without you I would have never had all the great experiences I was so lucky to enjoy. 

To everyone that ever worked at UO or helped spread the word as an intern/street teamer… you were my backbone and without you we couldn’t have done what we did.  

All the promoters/booking agents/media pals/photographers/friends… your support made this small town girl’s dreams a possibility.  I love you all!!

Thanks to everyone that gave me the chance to prove myself in order to follow my dreams…. without your support during the time that we took to grow the company, it would have been almost impossible to accomplish what I did.  Darryl Fine and The Bovine, Dave Videka and Universal/Vagrant, Jason Ford and MuchMusic… that means you. <3 

… and to all the bands and artists that was once part of UO and that i had the opportunity to work with:

Closet Monster

Bombs Over Providence

Hostage Life

Protest the Hero

The Brat Attack

Dead Letter Dept.

Machete Avenue

Holly Springs Disaster

I Hate Sally

These Silhouettes



Kathleen Turner Overdrive


The Artist Life



Aaron Verdonk

Jesse Colburn

Pat Kordyback

Anthony Cali

I owe each and everyone of you a high five and a hug.  You allowed me to do what I did while growing and learning and always inspiring and hoping to achieve more.  I look at that list and am very proud to say I was a part of that.  I am greatly in debt to you.

And last but not least, to my partner in crime, Mark Spicoluk.  You will always have a very special place in my heart.  We did a lot together… No one can take the memories away from us.

In the mean time, myself and Adam Kreeft have started a new company called AK27 Productions that specializes in a unique take on LIVE events starting with a North American big screen LIVE Q&A and PodCast featuring Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes on February 2nd, 2012.  Check out www.ak27productions.com for some more info!

This isn’t the end… just a new beginning.

sometimes i forget how great Listener actually is.

… a sneak peek at something awesome.  #LIVEfrombehind

… this is me settling the score.